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The dream that might come true...

You dream of a site that's easy to find on the net, one that looks stylish and engaging, a home page designed to bring each visitor artistic delights and draw them into the depths of the site. A site designed with an understanding of your goals for its performance, and the technical implementation to achieve those goals. A site where desired content can be found in no more than two to three clicks -- where content sets standards for descriptiveness and topicality. A site where every possible action is clear and intuitively obvious. A site that users bookmark and return to regularly.

There are many of such sites. We visit them every day. And although we usually do not notice how beautiful and understandable everything is, the environment gives us pleasure. Diverse though they be, these sites have something in common: they persist over time and they change significantly as time goes by. So this is an algorithm for creating the perfect site: make it in accordance with your concept, give it a professional look and clear, easy-to-understand operation and keep it fresh with new ideas, visitors' opinions and the technical mastery of a top-flight development crew of course :-)

BIT offers the needed technologies for creating such an effective site. Here, you may learn about our services, read articles. Look at our portfolio of work and if we look like the developer team for you, fill in our proposal request form. It is designed to help you articulate not only your vision but your long-term goals for your new site.

Creating quality site design
Content management system installation
Extended technical support
Website usability testing
Preparing Content for Web Publication
Automated Information Processing
Site redesign
Website Optimization and Promotion
What next

With site complete and running the work goes on. We steadily maintain the sites, operate your advertising campaigns, make essential upgrades... do everything to provide effective functioning of the site.

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Regular automated web site testing for broken links and nonexistent images.
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