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When you finish website development and launch your site, it is not the end of work, it is really the beginning. Keeping a site fresh and current, optimized for the latest in search technology, and promoted to bring steady traffic is a constant effort. Moreover, hosting malfunctions may occur and organizational blunders regarding overdue payments can cause the entire site to suddenly disappear. To rule out site service stoppage and to detect and cure poor site performance due to hosting problems BIT offers the service of «Technical Support».

  1. Technical issues solution with hosting problem occurrence.
  2. Regular automatic testing of the site for broken links, internal and external plus nonexistent images and much more. You'll be notified about any problem occurrence the moment it happens.
  3. Automatic monitoring of the domain and hosting payment periods for each site. Site will not stop over payment overdue.
  4. Regular full information backup (further to corresponding hosting feature) gives you a 100% guarantee that your data is kept safe.
  5. Regular error logs control.

In combination these activities ensure continuous quality website performance.

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