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Often broken links and nonexistent images appear on a website. A page on the site or somewhere else on the Internet may have been renamed, moved or deleted, but the link to it remains. Visitors clicking this link are left feeling your site is abandoned. Worse, search engine spiders "see" broken links as signs of inferior content. To reveal broken links, nonexistent images and other problems our Testing Service performs automatic site checking. A detailed e-mail report on the results is sent to you.

More complex testing can also be organized. For example, failure may cause an important part of the page to disappear while the rest of the page works seemingly correctly. In such cases, there may be no web server error highlighting the problem. BIT Design can craft custom scripts to catch such errors and notify you when they occur.

This is how a nonexistent image looks in MS Internet Explorer. The image file may have been accidentally renamed, deleted or something else unforeseen has happened. Unsightly, isn't it? With our testing service, you can find and fix such errors.

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To prevent e-mail from bein used by spammers it my be placed encoded on the site. In this case e-mail will still be visible and clickable to write a message. Visitors with javascript turned off will see graphical image of e-mail address.

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