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  • Creating quality site design
    Visual design is a crucial constituent of website success. The website's look and feel is what first greets every new visitor. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • Content management system installation
    What the content management system (CMS) represents, what abilities it provides. System modules. Technical features.
  • Extended technical support
    Everything to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality website performance.
  • Website usability testing
    What is website usability and why it is a critical component of user satisfaction? Techniques to identify and fix website bottlenecks.
  • Preparing Content for Web Publication
    What is advantage of professional preparation of text for publishing? Uploading information (content) to websites.
  • Automated Information Processing
    We all know that computers are perfectly willing to do the laborious, monotonous work of information gathering and transferring. But how can you set up your server to do this work for you and help you in order to keep your website's content fresh?
  • Site redesign
    No matter how beautifully designed, over time a website's graphics, look and feel will invariably fall out of sync with its changing content or simply begin to look stale and dated. BITdesign can give your website a fresh, new look when that time comes.
  • Website Optimization and Promotion
    Websites are not like ball parks. Just building one is not enough to ensure that visitors flock to it. Search engine optimization must be woven into its fabric. Solid promotional strategies are still needed to ensure healthy traffic. And stick design is a must to keep visitors reading while there and returning to enjoy more.
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