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A content management system (CMS) can be installed on the site as it is being created, or added to a functioning site with all contents transferred to the CMS back end. The purpose of the a CMS back end is to make adding new information to the site and changing existing information easy. The CMS interface makes text entry and formatting no more complicated than writing a document in a Word Processor such as Microsoft Word. In addition, there are other useful features: automatic links placing, automatic menu rendering, output of dynamic information blocks, etc. Site support spending is also lower thanks to the use of templates and program code: e.g. to install/change certain elements on all pages you only need to make a single modification.

In that way, the content management system gives you a flexible, scalable site. You can rapidly build almost any functionality, such as a goods catalogue, Internet-shop, presentation, documents library - in exact compliance with your concept. No limits, everything is possible!

When installing our CMS back end on a working site we may keep the original design. For example, was switched from a static set of HTML pages to a CMS driven site while preserving its look and content.

Standard Modules:

1. The Documents. Module allows you to add/change/delete documents on the site using a visual editor. It includes the ability to format text, insert images, tables and links. You may as well change the order of the documents and work with extra fields (properties) such as header, document description, keywords, which form META tags for search engine optimization. There are means to add extended properties for the document or the documents group; e.g., additional description, linking with other documents, highlighting in the list, etc.

2. Internet-shop. Contains resources for adding/changing/deleting product items and working with their properties, plus shopping cart handling block and order sending block.

3. News. Adding/changing/deleting news items.

4. Statistics. Module allows to see your site's statistics as follows:

  • number of visitors,
  • number of pages viewed,
  • number of visits from referring sites grouped by site,
  • path of every visitor to the site, as tree.

Standard capabilities may be changed/extended as required. For special features new modules can be created.

Our CMS unit is simple and user friendly. There is detailed documentation for system features explaining it's effective use.

Extended Search

Each module may have our extended search block attached. It allows for morphological search not depending on word forms. For example, when you look for "go", you find as well "went" form in the phrase.

Technical Details

Site pages have static URIs ( instead of At the same time web server behavior doesn't differ from usual - when requesting a non-existent page, it returns a 404 error; when requesting directory, it returns a 403 error. Compression may be turned on, saving traffic (up to 10 times) and reducing load time.

Special offer

Valid 22.07.2024 to 26.07.2024
Extended search for free.

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