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You know it is time for a redesign when you notice that the site's look and feel no longer support its changing content or no longer look fresh and exciting to its visitors.

The need for redesign may be driven by the site; such as the updating look and feel of the site, making sure all the content is current, and where needed changing the structural elements to meet changing search engine technology and advances in W3C specifications. Then again, it may be driven by your purposes for the site. In other cases, redesign may be undertaken because of factors external to the site, such as changes to your business requiring a new focus for the site or new capability such as e-commerce, a blog, etc.

To better control the changes you may take advantage of our usability testing, quality design creation and content preparation services.

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Do you know that...

The paradox may take place with information elements arrangement. On the one hand we want to have a capability to add elements (e.g. menu items). On the other hand there is a limitation in the screen width and visitor's attention. It is accepted that it is much easier for the person to estimate 5-6 elements at once than larger number. Optimal choice - to build website tree with branch coverage of 5-6 elements.

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