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With the BITdesign content management system you have everything you need to publish documents to the site, change existing documents, delete them and change their order. Nevertheless, as an additional service BIT offers preparation of content for publishing. This service may be useful:

  1. To get a target key phrase to high positions in search engines, the site's document structure must hold to certain rules regarding: title, header, META tags and document content.
  2. Very few users read the Web the way they did newspapers, cover to cover. It is far more common for users to rapidly scan through the site seeking a specific piece of content. Our design experience helps us craft your content with highlighting, bullet lists, headings and so forth to make this scanning task easier and keep your visitors satisfied with their experience on your site.
  3. Stylistic content workup makes for a site that displays artistically, and this produces a more positive reaction among visitors than the same content would if not properly styled.
  4. Spelling, word choice, syntax and punctuation errors are corrected. The quality of correction is better than any automated method.
  5. Images are saved taking into account special web requirements - optimal quality/size, HTML for images has all attributes necessary for viewing in different browsers and in different conditions. And filenames of pictures conforms to it's content, helping search engines properly evaluate image content (search spiders cannot "see" images. They only read the ASCII source code of the site).
  6. Only by manually positioning document elements with HTML and CSS can we ensure that document ideally correspond to the whole site's style.

It is possible to organize work with documents in two ways: text is published on the site right away, then the editor wordsmiths it; or you send the document by e-mail and it is prepared and published by editor.

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