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Automated Information Processing may be pertain to content on your site or to content drawn from or posted to other sites on the Internet. For example, you want to automatically place certain ads on some bulletin board using content drawn from the corresponding section's first page. Or vice versa, automatically analyze incoming messages on this board - and be informed when a message with defined parameters is posted. The main point is that it will be happening without your effort. A BITdesign custom program will visit target pages and do the job every day (or with any desired periodicity). The functionality is extremely flexible. The script is written to reach your specific aims. Any definable task can be automated, from simple selection to forming a relational database with analysis functions.

One more example. Let's suppose you want your site's main page to contain the news which some sites suggest to install as JavaScript. However, you want search engines to index this content, and you hear correctly that search spiders can not execute JavaScript. A custom script can publish the news while you sleep.

Input data may be of many formats, including simple text, XML, HTML, MS Excel.

Then there is the need for data exchange between your accounting system and website. Data may be transmitted as one way - onto the site, supporting topicality of assortment, pricing and availability as well two-way - the order created in the web-shop goes back to the accounting system. For instance, two-way data exchange works on the BMW parts shop, thus enabling real-time inventory control.

May be you already have an idea about how to make your computer perform much of inconvenient and laborious work instead of yourself. Let's discuss it! Your computer will never complain about the boring nature of the work, and you will certainly be glad to have the task «outsourced».

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