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Direct advertisement cost usually consists of two constituents: (1) making quality advertisement carrier, (2) showing it in the appropriate advertising system.

How it usually happen. They made the site, conducted an advertisement campaign and obtained some visitors flow. It is possible to calculate cost per client from internet (advertisement cost related to additional clients), let's presume $10. Mmm it's rather much - you say and leave website for subsidiary tool, not very effective although of some use.

Then the key to further development - did first visitors feel comfortable? After all if visitor had quickly found needed info, got the opinion he asked, product/information delivery was prompt and price acceptable, bingo! - this client is yours for long. Next time he needed same product/information you provide, he would call or visit your site straight off. Experience with trading spare parts for cars shows that even higher prices for certain goods would be pardoned by faithful clients. At the same time, there is high competition in the internet, no factor of  "on the way shop" - you must fight for clients. If there a little trouble/inconvenience/delay arisen, this first visit would be the last one. Thus yet another index starts to differ by a factor of times or even tens - profit (for shop) compared to expences (advertising) - depending on whether visitor returns or not. Therefore it is important to observe each factor to give visitor pleasure and conception about quick and quality solution of his tasks - quick pages load, search simplicity, answers to questions yet on the site, competent answer by phone, price, delivery quality, warranty granted.

No advertisment cost is suitable unless its results traced. For instance: context advertisment knowingly gives additional visitors flow, but visitors from one context system may make more orders than from another. Difference may reach essential value, therefore it is important to keep source information handy - where from, how many visitors have come and how many of them made an offer (performed other purpose action). With time situation may change, so it makes sense to track efficiency on continuing basis.

It is good as well to track an efficiency of different carriers in the same advertisement system e.g. different banners, advertising same thing.

In that way, to make advertisement campaign effective it is necessary first have quality website and provide good service and second - track an advertisement campaign course.

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